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Legacy Leap

The best thing about solo firm ownership is working on creative projects whenever the moment strikes you! LEGACY LEAP is a podcast show where we interview people that took a huge leap out of the only path they ever knew to pursue their passion. 

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After her degrees in Integrative Neuroscience and while completing her Occupational Therapy Program, Minti decided to say yes to the musical opportunities in her life! Let’s chat with her on her journey to her first single and her future hopes and dreams for her burgeoning passion.

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Interview with CEO and Founder of Baby Wisp, Beena Masellis

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Interview with Elite Fitness Lifestyle Coach, Pooja Church

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Interview with Singer-Songwriter, Minti Thomas

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Interview with Orthodox Priest, Rev. Fr. Sujit Thomas

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Interview with Ghostwriter, Maryann "Mae" Thomas

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